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I am a scientist passionate about protecting coastal ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

I study fish ecology as a PhD candidate in the Coastal Ecology and Conservation Lab at University of Michigan.

My research is centered around fish and fisher behavior in small-scale fisheries in French Polynesia and the Caribbean.



[June 2024] I returned from shooting a short film on fisheries and climate change in The Bahamas. The film was generously funded by the 2024 UM EEB Science for the People Award. 

[Feb 2024] I've been busy finishing my PhD, while still finding time for field work in The Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

[August 2023] I presented my research at multiple conferences this month: NMFS-Sea Grant Populations Dynamics Symposium at the NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD and Ecological Society of America in Portland, OR.

[June 2023] Grateful to have received the 2023 UM EEB JEDI Award for my work with the PODS program! Read more here

[April 2023] I was awarded the 2024 Ichthyology Award from UMich Museum of Zoology to continue mark-recapture research on reef fishes.

[March 2023] Excited to have received a UM JEDI Grant to have Duran Mitchell join us in Abaco this summer for our PODS field course!

[Oct 2022] We are now accepting applications for the 2023 Pre-college Ocean Discovery and Science Program in The Bahamas 

[Oct 2022] Fresh fish designs! Check out the vinyl stickers I created and order a few from me!

[Aug 2022] I was chosen as a 2022 NOAA Fisheries-Sea Grant Fellow! I will be working with fisheries scientists at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center to develop tools to manage coastal fisheries in the US. Here is an article by local sponsors, Michigan Sea Grant

[July 2022] A Bahamian student, Duran Mitchell, and I recently completed our field research to document the recovery of fishing communities following multiple disasters. Read more about it here

[July 2022] I led a 4-day field course for Bahamian high school students in Abaco. Click here for photos!

[May 2022] I was awarded the Lewis and Clark Fund for Field Exploration! Check out the coverage here

I acknowledge that my field research is conducted in post-colonial nations with histories of oppression and resource and knowledge extraction. Here are some resources that I find useful: de Vos 2020Asase et al. 2021Stefanoudis et al. 2021

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