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Munsterman, KS, JE Allgeier, JR Peters, DE Burkepile. 2021. A view from both ends: shifts in herbivore assemblages impacts top-down and bottom-up processes on coral reefs. Ecosystems
**Identified as one of the top ten most influential papers of the 6-year cycle of NSF-funding for the MCR LTER
**Covered in an International Coral Reef Society Reefbites blog post

Schiettekatte, NMD, DR Barneche, S Villéger, DE Burkepile, JE Allgeier, SJ Brandel, JM Casey, A Merciére, KS Munsterman, F Morat, V Parravicini. 2020. Nutrient limitation, bioenergetics and stoichiometry: A new model to
predict elemental fluxes mediated by fishes. Functional Ecology 

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manuscripts in prep

Landfield, KM, JR Peters, KS Munsterman, AC Stier, JE Allgeier, DE Burkepile. Coral characteristics and the presence of micro-predatory fishes  influence ammonium contributions from associated small-bodied fishes and invertebrates. 
Munsterman, KS, MHK Hesselbarth, JE Allgeier. Smaller and bolder fish enhance ecosystem-scale primary production around artificial reefs in seagrass beds.

Munsterman, KS, KJ Fiorella, D Mitchell, JE Allgeier. Internal and external resilience both hinder and help small-scale fishing communities following multiple disturbances in The Bahamas.

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