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papeete fish market

How do fish and fisher behavior affect production of reef fisheries?

fish feeding ecology and nutrient dynamics

Studying the role of herbivorous fish in the transfer of nutrients via consumption and excretion on reefs in Mo’orea 

Munsterman, KS, JE Allgeier, JR Peters, DE Burkepile. 2021. A view from both ends: shifts in herbivore assemblages impacts top-down and bottom-up processes on coral reefs. Ecosystems

fish behavior and population dynamics on artificial reefs (ARs)

Tracking individual reef fish movement via acoustic telemetry and estimating reef fish population dynamics on ARs using mark-recapture methods

individual-based modeling for fisheries 

Testing how inter- and intra-specific variation in fish behavior affect seagrass and fisheries production using an individual-based model

fisher behavior in small-scale fisheries

Understanding how fishing communities in The Bahamas are recovering from Category 5 Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic using semi-structured interviews

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